Q: Are the chickens kept in cages?

No. Chickens grown commercially in Australia are kept in barns.

Q: Do we import our chickens?

No we do not. In face, due to Federal and Industry regulations, no chicken in Australia is imported

Q: Are our chickens hormone free?

Yes. In alignment with Federal and Industry regulations, Hormones, Steroids, Growth Enhancers have not been used in the growing and breeding of chickens in over 40 years.

Q: Is our chicken Halal?

All fresh chicken sold through YCC Poultry is Halal. If you have any further questions regarding our Halal certification please contact us.

Q: Do we deliver to all areas of Sydney?

Yes. We deliver 6 days a week to all areas of Sydney. Please Contact Us for further information regarding delivery times.

Q: Are our chickens fresh or frozen?

We receive and process our chickens daily. Any chicken that is frozen is sold as and priced as frozen.

Q: What if I forget to order?

Let’s eliminate this and let us call you. You can instruct our telemarketing team what days and what time to call you.

Q: How can I pay my account?

Please see Payment